Ann Watanabe, LMFT

Ann Wantanabe
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Ann

“I am because we are.” – A principle of Ubuntu

Hello! My name is Ann Watanabe, and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. My love for counseling began early. My high school implemented a pilot program called Peer Counseling. It sounded terrific, so I signed up right away to be a peer counselor. As part of the program, I took my first psychology class and loved it! As a peer counselor, I was amazed at how motivated and energized I was by helping others. 

How I work

I’ve been described in several ways, including practical, optimistic, realistic, patient, hopeful, and yes, even hard on myself.

I think the description I like the best is ‘patient.’ My style as a therapist is to really meet the client exactly where they are, so I deeply understand their personal struggles. As I stay curious about the details and help identify their strengths, we can find practical solutions to help them feel better quickly. 

More about me

 I love bright sunshine! So it probably isn’t a surprise that I earned a degree in psychology from the University of Arizona. I taught elementary school for several years before realizing that I needed to do what I always knew was my passion and ultimate goal, which was to become a psychotherapist.  I consider myself a life-long learner and attend advanced training programs to continually improve my knowledge and skills.

When I work with clients – and see them feeling better – I am grateful to be contributing something positive to my community.  I really feel honored to witness a person’s internal process. And I learn a lot from my clients!

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