Child and Family Counseling

When your family isn’t thriving, let us help.

Child and family counseling in Corona, Riverside, and the Inland Empire

Family is supposed to be the place we feel the safest, most comfortable, and most loved.

But when that isn’t the case, child, family, or couples, counseling might help.

Here are some family problems that the licensed counselors at the Inland Empire Counseling Center help with:

Child or teen struggling with:

child family counseling
child family counseling

We also like to help couples.

  • Couples struggling with
  • Intimacy issues
  • Betrayal, infidelity, broken trust
  • Loss of connection
  • Wanting to feel “heard”
  • Parenting differences

Perhaps the family has had changes recently that are causing difficulties:

  • Blended family
  • New baby
  • Additional people living in the home
  • One member is disconnected
  • Addiction
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Separation or divorce
  • Imbalance of roles in the family

Often, an unbiased third party can help assess the areas of strength and where the family members could use some more skills. This may include how to manage emotions, how to improve communication, how to set limits, and how to listen to and understand each other.

Our therapists have unique skills and are ready to help you. We have child therapists, teen therapists, couples therapists, family therapists, and counselors for men and women.

Let us hear your story and help.