Marriage Counseling

We want to make good marriages great.
And we want to help couples who are struggling.

At Inland Empire Counseling Center, our therapists are committed to help couples in Riverside and Corona to improve their marriages.

Marriage researches teach us that the keys to a good marriage are not perfect people – or even perfect relationships. The keys are learning to manage the inevitable conflict that come with living with someone and reducing our defensiveness when our partner’s needs are not met.

These skills are easily taught in marriage counseling. A good marriage counselor will not just listen to your arguments but will teach you the skills to help you find joy in your relationship.

But what if there has been an affair, infidelity or trust issues?

Then come in and let’s see what went wrong and if trust can be restored. You don’t want to quit before knowing you did everything possible.

When is the right time to seek marriage counseling or relationship counseling?

Researcher, Dr. John Gottman found that the average couple waits six years before seeking help for marriage problems. Combine this with the fact that 50% of all marriages don’t last eight years and you can see that getting help as soon as marriage problems arise is important.

Marriage Counseling can help with these common problems:

  • Trust Issues, Infidelity, Cheating (emotional, cyber, or in-person)
  • Communication misunderstandings, silent treatment, and breakdowns
  • Never getting past the same argument or past hurt
  • Unresolved issues that don’t heal
  • Resentment and disrespect
  • Reduced sexual activity and desire
  • Active or history of physical or emotional affairs
  • Unclear on where the relationship is headed

We want to help. Call the licensed marriage and family counselors at IE Counseling Center today at to learn more: 949.393.8662 or text us.

Through marriage counseling (or relationship counseling) at the Inland Empire Counseling Center, we will work together to help you improve communication issues, increase trust, reduce arguing and enjoy your relationship again.

Potential benefits of couples counseling:

  • Increase trust
  • Appreciate your partner and your relationship
  • Learn to manage the inevitable conflict
  • Enjoy each other
  • Solve problems better
  • Create a shared vision for your future
Couple that is happy

How Does Marriage Counseling (Relationship Counseling) Work?

Couples counseling is simply talking things out with an unbiased third party who has one goal: to help your relationship improve. Research shows that talk therapy combined with making some simple changes to the way you think and talk to each other can improve your marital satisfaction significantly.

The licensed therapists at the Orange Counseling Center, with offices in Orange, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Corona and Riverside, are experts at helping couples understand one another better and teaching the skills to help people work through struggles (big and small) to help them find the love they really want.

We are not born with the skills to be great marriage partners. (You already know that men and women think differently, right?), but these skills can be taught which can result in more ease and love.

“But my partner doesn’t want couples counseling?”

You are invited and encouraged to come in by yourself to discuss how you can improve your marriage. While it may sound odd, we have been able to improve marriages by working with one partner. You see, marriage (or any relationship for that matter) is a system. We have found that by helping one person learn to understand their mate, and communicate more effectively, that the system changes.

This often means that the partner who is not in marriage counseling changes in response. It is kind of funny when you think about it. You’ve tried so hard to make the other person hear you and change their behavior – which hasn’t really worked out so well. But when you spend time learning how to be happier in your relationship, you just might find your relationship improves – without you trying so hard.

So yes! If your spouse won’t join you in marriage counseling, consider making an appointment and seeing if we can help you to be happier in your relationship.

Please don’t wait until the distance between you has grown too great. Consider couples therapy today. Because you deserve love. And we want to help you have a more healthy, fulfilling and loving relationship.