Counseling for Women

Today’s woman is smart and confident in many areas of her life.
But sometimes it feels like something is missing.

Something gets in the way of having a happy life and the fulfilling relationships we want.

Here are some common problems that Women’s Counseling at IE Counseling Center can help with.

Relationship Drain

Our relationships are supposed to be the place where we feel the safest and most nurtured. But what happens when that is not the case? Is your primary relationship causing more bad days than good days? Perhaps there are old friendships that don’t seem fulfilling anymore. Or maybe there are difficulties with your family. You deserve to be happy in your relationships. Often, relationships can be improved by thinking about them in a new way and or behaving in a new way. We often see that when one person in a relationship changes, the relationship can improve significantly.

Decision fatigue

These days, we are in a constant state of responding to our environment. We make hundreds of decisions each day, from managing our children’s schooling to how to get to the grocery store quickly and safely to how to create a date night. This leads to a phenomenon called “decision fatigue.” As women, we must learn how to manage the stresses and decisions in our lives with more ease.

counseling for women


Perfectionism is expecting too much of ourselves: if you find yourself in constant worry over how things are going and if what you were doing is good enough or right enough, you may be a perfectionist. The funny thing is that most perfectionists will deny this because they will say, “I am not perfect.” However, a perfectionist beats upon themselves if what they are doing is not perfect or good enough in their eyes. This can rob us of joy as we spend most of the time scanning our environment to see what we are doing that could be improved or is not good enough. You can see how this “on edge” is exhausting.

You deserve an easier and happier life.

Let’s help you figure out how to have the life you want – right now – no more waiting “until…” Private, professional counseling available for you in the Inland Empire (Corona, Riverside, Ontario) – all via online secure video (teletherapy) platform.

counseling for women

Counseling for women can help you:

  • Improve your relationships – with others and yourself.
  • Make your bad moods less frequent
  • Better manage all the different hats you wear
  • Improve the decisions you make
  • Reduce excessive worry, anxiety, and stress
  • Untangle problems at home and the office
  • Enhance your relationship with your family and co-workers
  • Grieve the loss of a loved one
  • Heal a broken heart
  • Find a great partner
  • Improve intimacy (including sex)
  • Reduce perfectionistic tendencies
  • Decide whether to stay or go
  • Enjoy your children more
  • Discover how to love (and trust) again
  • Stop putting off your happiness.

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Benefits of women’s counseling for women can include:

  • Brighter days
  • Comfort in interacting with other
  • A sense of getting your own needs met
  • Repaired self-confidence
  • Happier relationships
  • Less time spent trying to please others
  • Allowing people to love you
  • Less anxiety and less stress
  • Enhanced rest and sleep
  • More honest and intimate relationships with others
  • More ease with intimacy
  • Better you-other-balance and work-life-balance

Please don’t wait any longer.

You have struggled with this long enough. Let the licensed, experienced counselors at IE Counseling Center help. We are waiting to listen to your story and help you break through to a happier, easier way of being.

We can usually book an appointment for you within 24 – 48 hours with a very caring and highly-qualified, licensed counselor. All counseling sessions are private and confidential. We have appointment times available to match your schedule – daytime, evenings, and weekends.

Teletherapy now provided over a secure video platform.

We are here to help you feel better. Is it time for you to get started?